Whole30 Day 1

First off, let’s acknowledge the elephant in the room… I haven’t kept up with this blog as I intended. My bad. Please forgive me. Now let’s move on.

Last year at this time I was 10 pounds heavier than I am right now. One month ago, I was 10 pounds lighter than I am right now. I don’t like that math. However, over the course of the past year, I accomplished several positive diet-related things:

  • I took up running and ran 6 miles as part of a GO! St. Louis Marathon relay team.
  • I competed in a 6-month dietbet and lost 15 pounds overall.
  • I completed 26 days of a Whole30.

Are you familiar with Whole30? If not, check out the website. Basically, it’s works off the premise that food either helps you become more or less healthy; there’s no neutral food. By removing foods known for causing inflammation, allergies or other negative effects on your body (i.e. sugar, dairy, grains) for 30 days, and then slowly reintroducing those foods, you can understand how your food choices help you be more or less healthy. During my first Whole30 I removed caffeine completely since I was dependent on it, which I believe is unhealthy. I ate Whole30-compliant protein, veggies and fruits. I cheated with some non-compliant salad dressing. I lost 11 pounds, felt a LOT better, lost the stomach pooch, and had clearer skin. In the few weeks since, I backslid into my old bad-eating ways and regained 8 pounds, my caffeine addiction, and my stomach pooch.

Today is the first day of my second Whole30. My husband is joining me on this journey (yay!), which will make things either much easier or much harder. I’ll let you know which. This time around, I planned my meals out for the full 30 days, pre-made condiments and salad dressing, and stocked the fridge and pantry FULL of my go-to foods. That’s my best recommendation for anyone starting the Whole30: plan ahead.


What I ate Day 1:

Breakfast: 2 hardboiled eggs, carrots (oops, I forgot the fat!)
Lunch: Tuna salad (Tuna, compliant mayo, pickle, mustard and egg), celery with almond butter, banana
Dinner: Beef roast with carrots and onions
Snack: Larabar (not encouraged, but it was a looong time between lunch and dinner)



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