Exercise hurts (Ouch!)

I’ve been counting my calories for a few weeks now and have stayed within my allotment, for the most part. As of Sunday, I have lost 5 pounds in a month. I’m happy with that. I know a lot of people can lose 5 pounds pretty quickly just due to water weight, but history tells me I am not one of the lucky ones. So 5 pounds is something to celebrate.

On Monday, I decided to kick it up a notch and get some good cardio in. My daughter has dance Monday nights a quarter mile from a nice, paved, even, 2.25 mile walking path. So, while she was twirling away in a dance studio, I went walking in the 80 degree weather.

I hate walking. I detest running. I get bored – FAST!

The once-around track is great for me because by the time I am bored, I have no choice but to walk the other half of the trail back to the starting line. I was pretty proud of myself for walking 2.77 miles in 49 minutes. Some people might scoff at WALKING under 3 miles, but since I haven’t done that in almost a year, I felt good. Good enough to ramp it up yesterday.

Last night, I decided to walk at a local park which has a 1.75 mile track around the outside, with additional trails that criss-cross the inside of the park. The walking trails there have hills, are uneven, and are gravel. It twists and turns around gazebos, baseball fields and playgrounds. I only went a little further than Monday’s walk (3 miles), but the difference in terrain plus the addition of some jogging, and I am in pain! I expected my legs to hurt a little, but it’s my hips that are killing me.

Not only that, but I woke up this morning famished! I only had some celery and peanut butter after my walk last night, and this morning I was craving pancakes, eggs, bacon and hash browns. Seriously, it is a good thing Cracker Barrel doesn’t deliver because I would have eatten my body weight in breakfast food this morning if given the opportunity.

But I digress…

My point is, exercise is painful sometimes. BUT, physiologically and psychologically, I feel empowered. And my mid-week weigh-in showed another 2-pound loss so that’s great. I am going to try to get out and walk again today but I might stick to an easier terrain and probably go a little slower, with some stretching in there for good measure. Everyone has growing pains, right? It’s not a reason to quit. I hope that someday I will look back on this after I am able to RUN the 3 miles and marvel at the difference. Hopefully I won’t be craving pancakes by then.

Side note, I pinned this on Pinterest a while back, and found it floating around my brain the last few days. When I look in the mirror after a walk/run, I see a red faced, disheveled hair, sweat monster looking back at me. Not exactly how I imagine myself…



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