Women are mean

Women are mean to each other. Not intentionally, but we kind of sabotage each other. Here’s a couple of experiences I’ve had recently:

“You’re just gaining muscle”
That’s the biggest load of crap we tell each other when a friend/family member/co-worker/complete stranger mentions that their weight loss has plateaued. We automatically try to make her feel better by suggesting that she’s gaining muscle and that’s why the scale is not budging, or worse, going up. Here’s the thing: how could I be gaining muscle when it’s only been 2 weeks and I haven’t done any strength training? It takes time to build 2 pounds of muscle. The real reason the scale isn’t budging is because my diet and exercise have plateaued. If I tell you that the scale refuses to budget, perhaps say “yeah, that sucks. I tried this new salad that tastes amazing and is only 150 calories.” or “I hate that – I heard about this new exercise move called a burpee that will kick your butt – have you heard of it?” These responses tell me that you understand my frustration and encourage me to try something different to trick that scale into heading the right direction.

“I can drop 5 pounds in a day”
I recently told a family member I had lost 5 pounds in the past month. Her response was the above. Thanks.

“I can’t wear this size 4 anymore, it’s too big on me. I’d give it to you but it would probably be too small for you”
My sister once said something similar to me. It was her own way of telling me that she had lost weight. I’m happy for her. She has worked very hard. But don’t insult me. It’s not motivating, it’s just mean.

What are some of the sabotaging encounters you have experienced?


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