I’m fat

Genetics are the worst.

I am not one of those girls who can eat a pizza, down a 48oz soda and still look great. I work with one of those girls. To say I am envious of her metabolism would be a a gross understatement.

Anyway, I have spent the past 9 years being overweight. Prior to that, I was a healthy weight with a poor self image so I THOUGHT I was fat. I successfully lost 30 pounds on Weight Watchers in 2003, which led to the arrival of my first child in 2004. A second child followed two years later and my weight has climbed to the point that I weigh more now than I did during either pregnancy. It is physically painful to admit that.

I have tried dieting many, MANY times. I have done Weight Watchers, South Beach, vegetarianism (did you know a french fry is OK on a veggie-only diet?) and Paleo. None have resulted in much over a 5 pound weight loss and excessive amounts of frustration.

I bought a fit bit flex last week. If you aren’t familiar with it, check it out at fitbit.com. It’s a little devise that you wear as a bracelet. It tracks your steps, calories burned, sleep patterns, etc. The  web interface also allows me to manually track food I’ve eaten and other activities. This is only the second day I’ve used the fit bit and I’ve already learned a few things. I eat too much crap and I don’t move enough. I said I “learned” these things, but I already knew them. This just forced me to face the ugly truth.

So, along with the awareness and motivation the fitbit is bringing me, I decided to start this blog to make myself more accountable and perhaps inspire someone else (or make them feel better about their own failures when compared to mine). Mostly I’m just hoping that if I tell the world that I’m trying to lose weight, that I actually will.


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